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Austin Chronicle

Vespaio is one of the few restaurants in town that can claim fifteen years of success with no sign, no advertising budget, and no publicist, just customer loyalty and good word of mouth. Full review →



This swear-by-it Italian dining room still buzzes like it’s brand new. Golf clap for the high-quality seafood and melt-in-your-mouth pasta.


Fodor's Tick Choice

Sink your fork into a bowl of plump gnocchi bathed in garlicky tomato-arrabiata sauce, or nibble on a slice of classic Margherita pizza studded with garden-fresh basil. Full review →


Frommer's 33

Austin isn't really known for its Italian food, but when Austinites want Italian, this is their preferred destination. Full review →


Gayot 15.0

Vespaio buzzes like a beehive. Prepare to wait for a table, because it's usually packed; wedge into the noisy bar for a splash of vino. Full review →


Lonely Planet

This cozy Italian restaurant gets high marks for its fresh, authentic, seasonal menus. Full review →


Not For Tourists

Homemade pasta, excellent vino, best dessert on SoCo. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

Stroll down South Congress Avenue after dinner at this warm and reliable Italian restaurant. Full review →



"Long waits" are par for the course at this midpriced SoCo Italian, "hands down one of the best in Austin" thanks to its "superb" cooking, "wonderful wines" and a warm setting. Full review →

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