La Manzana de Las Luces

Top 1% of attractions in Buenos Aires
8 / 10

5 expert reviews

“A gateway to a mysterious network of underground tunnels. ”

– Atlas Obscura

"More history is packed into this single block of buildings southwest of Plaza de Mayo than in scores of other city blocks put together." Full review
"Argentina's best-known intellectuals have gathered and studied here, and the name "block of lights" honors the school's graduates." Full review
Time Out
"The 'Block of Enlightenment' is a complex of historical buildings that occupies an entire city block (manzana can mean 'block' as well as 'apple')." Full review
Travel + Leisure
"The “Illuminated Block,” as it is commonly, and unpoetically, translated is a complex of historic buildings constructed by the Jesuits in the early 17th century." Full review

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