The Publican

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This Fulton Market District newcomer taps into the prevailing fashion for down-home dining and restaurant patrons' hunger for blue-ribbon meat.


Condé Nast Traveler

From the team behind Blackbird and Avec, this Fulton Market District newcomer taps into the prevailing fashion for down-home dining and restaurant patrons' hunger for blue-ribbon meat. Full review →


Fodor's Tick Choice

Don't call this beer-focused hot spot a gastropub—chef Paul Kahan (of Blackbird fame) prefers "beer hall" (though wine is available, too). Full review →


Frommer's 35

Along with Avec and Blackbird, this is another of chef Paul Kahan's creations -- his take on the Belgian beer hall with a pork and fish focused menu. Full review →


Gayot 15.0

From its large selection of oysters, to its grand, three-tiered seafood tower and aged ham with goat butter and peasant bread, there'€™s munching of all kinds. Full review →


Lonely Planet

Set up like a swanky beer hall with urbanites young and old sitting across from each other at long communal tables, Publican specializes in oysters, hams and fine suds. Full review →


Michelin Guide Tick 0 Stars

The sceney Publican conjures the age-old tradition of a public house (offering a communal setting for animated conversations over a plate of food and pint of beer) to the modern gastropub age. Full review →


Not For Tourists

Much buzzed Kahan joint is meat and beer lover's nirvana. Full review →


On the Grid

Simple farmhouse fare Full review →

This isn’t actually on the menu, but if you ask for it, they don’t flinch and they will bring out a medley of whatever vegetables they have that day from roasted to salads.

The Infatuation 8.6

The Publican is a self-proclaimed homage to European beer halls where you can gather and share food with your friends, and there’s no doubt about that fact upon entering the room. Full review →


Time Out 70

I was sucked in by the effortless elegance; the beerhall-like communal tables; the old-world flatware; the gingham platters; the bulbous lights; and, of course, the food. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

The Publican’s huge list of global microbrews is complimented by such devilishly clever noshes as a pair of boudin sausages accompanied by a cluster of salamander-crisped grapes. Full review →



Beer-centric restaurant, with a focus on Belgian brews and a smart, creative menu to go along with them—think oysters, charcuterie, mussels and aged hams. Full review →



"Try everything" say fans of Paul Kahan's "inspired" West Loop New American, where the pork-centric menu allows for a "superb pigtastic experience". Full review →

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