La Choza Cozumel

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Dependably interesting regional Mexican cuisine keeps La Choza filled with first-timers seeking safe experimentation.



Locals and expats gather here for breakfasts of migas and the daily lunchtime comida corrida (a set-priced meal with a choice of appetizers and entrées). Full review →


Frommer's 33

Before a disastrous fire in 2008, there was a distinct Mexican flair to the island's first  fancy restaurant, which specialized in Yucatan and regional Mexican cuisine. It has changed... Full review →

Be sure to add some of the zesty table sauces and guacamole to your meal.

Lonely Planet

An excellent and popular restaurant specializing in regional Mexican cuisine, with classics like chicken in mole poblano. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

Close to San Miguel's central square, the palapa restaurant is justly renowned for traditional Mayan food with complex, rich sauces. Full review →

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