Dublin Castle

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Afar Magazine

Wandering the lavishly decorated rooms (which are sometimes closer to dizzyingly gaudy than merely ornate), you'll learn other golden nuggets of information Full review →



As seat and symbol of the British rule of Ireland for more than seven centuries, Dublin Castle figured largely in Ireland's turbulent history early in the 20th century. Full review →


Frommer's 35

Highlights include the 13th-century record tower; the state apartments, once the residence of English viceroys; and the chapel royal. Full review →


Let's Go

Like the White House, Dublin Castle is a governmental building that also doubles as a tourist attraction. Unlike the White House, Dublin Castle features a medieval tower that once housed... Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick@2x Top Choice

The stronghold of British power in Ireland for 700 years is principally an 18th-century creation that is more hotch-potch palace than medieval castle. Full review →

The highlight is a visit to the subterranean excavations of the old castle, discovered by accident in 1986.

Michelin Guide 54

At the urban heart of Dublin, it has evolved from an imposing fortress into an administrative hub... and is today the symbol of the Irish State Full review →


Time Out

More a collection of 18th-century administrative buildings, albeit very fine ones, built on a medieval plan of two courtyards. Full review →

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