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Under Warren Massey, L'Gueuleton remains at the center of Dublin's affordable restaurant revolution.


Fodor's Tick Choice

Dubliners don't do waiting, but you'll see hungry crowds doing just that outside this no-reservations-accepted, exceptional eatery just off George's Street. Full review →


Frommer's 34

Rated by local critics as one of the best restaurants in Dublin, L'Gueuleton is worth the effort you'll have to put in to book it well in advance. Full review →


Lonely Planet

Dubliners have a devil of a time pronouncing the name (which means 'a gluttonous feast' in French) and have had their patience tested with the no-reservations-get-in-line-and-wait policy,. Full review →


Michelin Guide Tick 0 Stars

Rustic restaurant with beamed ceilings, Gallic furnishings, a shabby-chic bistro feel and a large pavement terrace. Full review →


Time Out Tick Critics' Choice

Superb, unpretentious brasserie cooking has earned this charming little restaurant a good reputation over the years, and they've had the sense to not go tinkering with a winning formula. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

The classic bistro fare like Toulouse sausages, rib-eye with béarnaise, and roast chicken à la Bourguignonne is delicious and perfectly prepared. Full review →

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