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Frommer's 34

Nikkei food, the natural fusion of Japanese and Peruvian, is having its moment in Lima and around the world. Maido and its talented chef Mitsuharu Tsumaru, aka "Micha," are at the... Full review →


Lonely Planet

True artistry and exquisite flavors make Maido an excellent stop for top-notch Nikkei fare. Full review →


The World's 50 Best Restaurants 44.0

Nikkei food is the Peruvian-Japanese cultural blend that has emerged from more than 100 years of Japanese immigration into Peru. The Miraflores restaurant Maido is widely regarded as the... Full review →

Sit up at the bar where you can watch the brigade at work, or at one of the modest tables, and choose from either a relatively simple Japanese menu, with expertly tuned nigiri made with Peru’s first quality fish, or the full 15-course Nikkei version.

Travel + Leisure

While Nikkei—or Peruvian/Japanese—cuisine is commonplace in Peru, it wasn’t until Nikkei chef Mitsuharu Tsumura returned from a tough training stint in Osaka that he was ready to open an... Full review →

Sit at the fish counter for a close-up of the culinary action, and choose the 15-step tasting menu.

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