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Frommer's 34

Maido is innovative, incorporating Amazonian fish like paiche and combining national plates like tacu tacu with chaufa (fried rice) and crispy pork belly. Full review →


Lonely Planet

True artistry and exquisite flavors make Maido an excellent stop for top-notch Nikkei fare. Full review →


The World's 50 Best Restaurants 44.0

Nikkei food is the Peruvian-Japanese cultural blend that has emerged from more than 100 years of Japanese immigration into Peru Full review →

Sit up at the bar where you can watch the brigade at work, or at one of the modest tables, and choose from either a relatively simple Japanese menu, with expertly tuned nigiri made with Peru’s first quality fish, or the full 15-course Nikkei version.

Travel + Leisure

Sit at the fish counter for a close-up of the culinary action, and choose the 15-step tasting menu. Delights include Nitsuke beef short rib cooked for 50 hours and guinea-pig nigiri. Full review →

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