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Koerper produces emphatically seasonal food using all local produce; here basing his dishes on the Portuguese canon—yes including bacalhau.


DK Eyewitness

Lisbon’s premier gourmet restaurant, with esoft lighting and huge windows overlooking the city, is found at the top of Parque Eduardo VII.


Frommer's 34

In an avant-garde building, Eleven is the only restaurant in Lisbon to win the coveted Michelin star. Full review →


Lonely Planet

Michelin-starred Eleven lives up to the hype. Perched above Parque Eduardo VII, this aesthetically stunning restaurant is a fusion of glass walls and Joana Vasconcelos art. Full review →


Michelin Guide 53

Housed in a designer-style building above the Amália Rodrigues gardens, this light, airy and modern restaurant boasts splendid views of the Eduardo VII park and the city. Full review →


Rough Guide

At the top of Parque Eduardo VII, this Michelin-starred restaurant, under the watchful eye of German head chef Joachim Koerper, hits the heights both literally and metaphorically.


Travel + Leisure

A sleek space in the Amaliá Rodrigues garden of Parque and Michelin-starred chef Joachim Koerper’s ambitious Mediterranean menu cemented Eleven’s popularity from the moment it opened. Full review →

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