Santo Antonio de Alfama

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Afar Magazine

Here is a restaurant in Alfama without fado music but with a perfect location. In the wintertime, sit inside: It is very cozy, you will be amid portraits of famous actors on each one of... Full review →


DK Eyewitness

Not as traditional as the name and location would suggest: the walls are lined with black-and-white portraits of film stars, but the food is modern Portuguese and international.



Up some steps from the Travessa do Terreiro do Trigo, you'll find this simple but sophisticated restaurant hung with black-and-white photos of famous artists. Full review →


Lonely Planet

This bistro wins the award for Lisbon’s loveliest courtyard: all vines, twittering budgies and fluttering laundry. Full review →


Michelin Guide

A large hall decorated with portraits of film stars in black and white was enough to make this a trendy restaurant in Alfama, where fashion aficionados and press congregate


Rough Guide

here’s a very long list of expensive wines; pasta and fish dishes from €13 or a range of less pricey tapas from €7.


Travel + Leisure

Tucked away up the stairs from the Travessa Terreiro do Trigo and down the San Miguel alley is the restaurant Santo Antonio de Alfama. Full review →

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