Dining high and low in Southeast Asia: Cambodia

Experience Cambodia through its gastronomy whether you're going gourmet or looking for thrifty eats.

Cambodia may be best  known for its temples and beautiful scenery, but its food scene is often overlooked. When I was in Siem Reap, I was immediately taken by the fresh-baked baguettes that were readily available from street carts and French bistros frequented by tourists and expats. I remember this delicious bread even more fondly than many a fancy dinner.

This goes to show that food isn’t just food when you’re travelling. It also means that memorable meals don’t have to be fancy or expensive — it’s about what tastes good, no matter if that food is served in a styrofoam container on a street corner or by a graceful server in a spotless uniform.

Here you’ll find a list of places that cover both ends of the spectrum in Cambodia. You can try innovative French-Cambodian cuisine that food gurus rave about and navigate through the crowds of raucous markets where you’ll be rewarded by some of the best local snacks. The mix of street eats and fine dining that have been gleaned from insider tips and expert reviews will leave you with some incredible food memories of the country.

Run by a French restaurateur and her chef husband, Cuisine Wat Damnak has a lovely atmosphere with decor that is a meshes modern with tropical. You’ll taste an explosion of Cambodian flavors here (sour, bitter, lime, lemon basil, fresh, fruity) in dishes that are generously portioned and well-presented. Foreigners make up a majority of the clientele, many of whom are fond of the large outdoor seating area.

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