Where Hercule Poirot would eat in Brussels

It's not a mystery.

by Rashmi Chugani

Agatha Christie wrote of a quirky Belgian detective that became a literary icon. His taste in food is varied, much like the restaurants found in Brussels. Check out where he would eat if he were in the midst of solving a crime in Belgium's capital city.

Comme Chez Soi 88

Place Rouppe 23

Widely regarded as the city’s best restaurant, Comme Chez Soi, with its two Michelin stars, is particularly strong in the game department.

- DK Eyewitness

In't Spinnekopke 88

Place du Jardin aux Fleurs 1

True Brussels cooking flourishes in this charming restaurant. The low ceilings and benches around the walls remain from its days as a coach inn during the 18th century.

- Fodor's

Restaurant de l’Ogenblik 85

Galerie des Princes 1

You'll find a Parisian bistro-style setting restaurant that's popular with off-duty actors and audiences from the nearby Gallery theater, among others.

- Frommer's

Aux Armes de Bruxelles 85

Rue des Bouchers 13

This veritable Brussels institution in the ilot Sacre district has been honouring Belgian culinary traditions since 1921. Contrasting dining rooms and a lively atmosphere.

- Michelin Guide

Sea Grill 76

Rue du Fosse aux Loups 47

You’d be hard pressed to find a more unlikely setting for Brussels’ finest seafood than deep inside this ‘80s ode to interior atrium elevators and muzak.

- Lonely Planet

La Villa Lorraine 81

Avenue du Vivier d'Oie 75

You'll find one of the city's top kitchens in this renovated château on the fringes of the Bois de la Cambre park.

- Frommer's

La Quincaillerie 81

Rue du Page 45

Shiny and majestic brasserie occupying a former Art Deco hardware store. Daily specials and fresh oysters. Very professional service. Doorman.

- Michelin Guide

Lola 80

Place du Grand Sablon 33

It’s the effervescent conversations of the young clientele bouncing off the stripped-back stone and wood surfaces that really gives this place its buzz.

- Lonely Planet

L'Idiot du Village 80

Rue Notre-Seigneur 19

The Village Idiot is reportedly a favoured establishment of foreign ministers and even Belgian royalty.

- DK Eyewitness

La Truffe Noire 79

Boulevard de la Cambre 12

The menu at this renowned truffle restaurant is extravagant, with prices to match.

- DK Eyewitness

Chez Leon 79

Rue des Bouchers 18

This long-time tourist favourite serves the original ‘Mussels from Brussels’, and makes a good place to try them.

- Lonely Planet

Belga Queen 80

Rue du Fosse aux Loups 32

Housed in a former bank, Belga Queen has pomp and circumstance to spare, with a huge marble entrance, columns and pillars, and a curved roof with frescoes and stained glass.

- Frommer's

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