Churchill War Rooms

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“The perfectly preserved underground rooms where Churchill plotted the war against Germany. ”

– Atlas Obscura

Fodor's Fodor's
"It was from this small warren of underground rooms—beneath the vast government buildings of the Treasury—that Winston Churchill and his team directed troops in World War II." Full review
Frommer's Frommer's
"In August 1945, with the conflict finally won, the rooms were abandoned exactly as they were, creating a time capsule of the moment of victory." Full review
Travel + Leisure Travel + Leisure
"Located just below King Charles Street, the Cabinet War Rooms served as the secret underground headquarters for Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his advisors during World War II." Full review
Let's Go Let's Go
"Winston Churchill is all things to all Britons: courageous prime minister, fearless leader, vivacious wit, amateur painter, not Neville Chamberlain. Really, he was a geopolitical..." Full review
The interactive, touchscreen “lifeline” is phenomenally detailed; be sure to touch his 90th birthday and August 6th, 1945, but be prepared to draw stares from the other museum patrons.
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2 Stars
"This shelter, designed to protect Churchill, his war cabinet and the general staff, was the Prime Minister's headquarters during the Second World War." Full review
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