Southwark Cathedral

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It remains off the beaten track, despite being the site of some remarkable memorials and a concert program that offers regular organ recitals at lunchtime on Mondays. Full review →


Frommer's 35

The courtyard at Southwark Cathedral, set back from the Thames, is a particularly welcoming patch of green in the built-up environs of London Bridge. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Although the central tower dates from 1520 and the choir from the 13th century,Southwark Cathedral is largely Victorian. Full review →


Michelin Guide 54

The Church of St Saviour and St Mary-from-over-the-water reached the rank of Cathedral in 1905 when the diocese of Southwark was founded. Full review →


Not For Tourists

Worth the diversion to see Chaucer and Shakespeare's stomping grounds. Full review →


Time Out

The Cathedral operates as more than just a tourist spot, with daily services, classical music concerts and public events. Full review →

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