St. Paul's Cathedral

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Sir Christopher Wren's No. 1 work is this, the cathedral church of the Diocese of London. With its green dome, St. Paul's is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks.


Fodor's Tick@2x Choice

St. Paul's is simply breathtaking, especially since the scaffolding was removed, after an enormous, 15-year restoration, completed in 2011. Full review →


Frommer's 34

The interior is a neck-craningly large space where the eye is instantly drawn upward to the colorful ceiling, decorated with intricate mosaics of biblical scenes. Full review →


Let's Go

There is nothing in London worthier to dwell on than Christopher Wren’s monument Full review →


Michelin Guide 55

The dome of St Paul's is one of London's most iconic sights. The building's harmonious proportions, huge dimensions and majestic demeanour are breathtaking. Full review →


Not For Tourists

Magnificence since 604AD. Full review →


Time Out

The passing of three centuries has done nothing to diminish the magnificence of St Paul's Cathedral, Christopher Wren's masterpiece and London's most famous cathedral. Full review →

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