Tower Bridge

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Fodor's Tick Choice

Despite its medieval, fairy-tale appearance, Britain's most iconic bridge was actually built at the tail end of the Victorian age, first opening to traffic in 1894. Full review →


Frommer's 33

It's a low bridge equipped with two mighty 1,000-tonne (1,100 U.S.-ton) decks, technically known as bascules, which raise to let ships pass below. This happens around 900 times year. Full review →


Let's Go

Compared to London Bridge, Tower Bridge definitely wins on the aesthetic front (unless we’re counting children’s nursery rhymes). Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

London was a thriving port in 1894 when elegant Tower Bridge was built. Designed to be raised to allow ships to pass, electricity has now taken over from the original steam and hydaulic engines. Full review →


Michelin Guide 54

Built from 1886-1894 by Barrie and Jones, its total length reaches 805 m. Full review →


Not For Tourists

Messing about on the water. Full review →


Time Out 69

Opened in 1894, this is the 'London Bridge' that wasn't sold to America. Full review →

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