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    Lobster with Matsutake Mushrooms
    Photo: Noe Montes
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    Photo: Noe Montes
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    Photo: Noe Montes
  • 35241
    Fresh Sea Scallop
    Photo: Noe Montes
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    Black Bass Sashimi
    Photo: Lisa Cohen
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    Photo: Noe Montes
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    Photo: Noe Montes
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    Photo: Lisa Cohen
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    Photo: Noe Montes
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    The Ugly Brunch: The Ugly Bunch: Abalone, Geoduck, Sea Urchin, Smoked Crème Fraîche Panna Cotta
    Photo: Noe Montes
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    Uni and Truffle Canape
    Photo: Noe Montes
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    Wild King Salmon with Beets, Bacon, and Mustard
    Photo: Noe Montes
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#1 in Los Angeles About the TripExpert Score

16 expert recommendations


Bon Appétit

L.A.’s most upscale restaurant serves, hands-down, the best seafood in town. Full review →



Michael Cimarusti... continues to turn out some of the best seafood in the city.


Condé Nast Traveler Tick Editor's Pick

Michael Cimarusti's cooking is marked by restraint—he knows just what accent to add to bring out the pristine quality of the sea. Full review →



Each evening takes diners on a unique culinary journey, beginning with perhaps a choice of oysters or farm-raised caviar, followed with dishes like Alaskan king crab risotto with sea urchin and yuzu. Full review →


Fodor's Tick Choice

Obsessed with quality and freshness, the meticulous chef maintains a network of specialty purveyors, some of whom tip him off to their catch before it even hits the dock. Full review →


Forbes Travel Guide 92

Inspired by coastal living, Providence is a fine dining restaurant serving seafood in its purest and simplest form. Full review →


Frommer's 35

Chef Michael Cimarusti and his quadrilingual Italian compatriot, Donato Poto, set out to create the city's preeminent seafood experience. Full review →


Gayot 17.0

A playful "Dark & Stormy" gelee with ginger beer foam and other amuses-bouche may precede a beautifully presented plate of fluke, rhubarb, burdock and shiso. Full review →


LA Weekly

Your hunger will be sated, your synapses on overload, your senses heightened to the point that an after-dinner chocolate becomes as eloquent as a sonnet. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Blinged out with two Michelin stars, this has long been one of LA’s finest restaurants. To truly sample the goods, splurge for the nine-course tasting menu. Full review →


Not For Tourists

Super-fancy seafood tasting menus. Full review →


Rough Guide

Near the top of the LA pricey-restaurant scale, and for good reason: the place is swarming with foodies, who come for the black sea bass, foie-gras ravioli, lump blue crab and plenty of other tremendous choices.


Time Out 69

Very few restaurants aim for, little less achieve, the level of grace exhibited nightly at Providence. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

Signature favorites include the Wild Striped Bass and Kanpachi Sashimi, complimented by excellent desserts and an extensive cellar. Full review →



Chef-owner Michael Cimarusti transforms seafood from the world’s most pristine waters into inventive dishes such as kampachi with miso, buttermilk and green grapes, and striped bass with bacon. Full review →


Zagat 4.8

"Seafood is the star" at this "sophisticated", "upscale" New American in Hollywood helmed by "brilliant" chef Michael Cimarusti who turns out "delectable", "wildly creative" prix fixe feasts. Full review →

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