Malee's Thai Bistro

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This cozy but fashionable eatery in the heart of Scottsdale's Main Street Arts District serves sophisticated, Thai-inspired fare. Full review →


Frommer's 33

While there are now upscale Asian restaurants all over the Valley, this was one of the first to move the spicy flavors of Asia out from under fluorescent lights. Full review →

Start with the creamy tom ka gai and then be sure to try the spicy crispy fish or the tropical pineapple dish (seafood and chicken curry served in a half pineapple).

Gayot 12.0

Malee’s seems prettier and more accessible than many of the Thai restaurants in town, which may explain its long-running success. Full review →



Crispy fish, pad thai, curries and fiery soups—most available on a varying scale of spiciness Full review →

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