Andina Restaurant

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    Carapulcra con Puerco
    Photo: Lincoln Barbour
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    Causa Morada
    Photo: Lincoln Barbour
  • 35706
    Causa Nikkei
    Photo: Lincoln Barbour
  • 35707
    Photo: Lincon Barbour
  • 35708
    Anticuchos De Pollo
    Photo: Lincoln Barbour
  • 35709
    Anticucho de Pulpo
    Photo: Lincoln Barbour
  • 35710
    Chocolate Andino
    Photo: Lincoln Barbour
  • 35711
    Choros a la Chalaca
    Photo: Lincoln Barbour
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8 expert recommendations


Fodor's Tick Choice

This popular upscale Pearl District restaurant offers an interesting and inventive menu. Full review →


Frommer's 34

If you've never tried Peruvian food before, don't miss an opportunity to eat at Andina. Full review →

Be sure to have a glass of the unusual chicha morada, a juice made from purple corn.

Gayot 13.0

Peruvian cuisine --- a sophisticated blend of Native American, Spanish, and even Asian cuisines --- is enjoying a deserved burst of popularity. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

A modern take on traditional Peruvian food produces delicious entrees like quinoa-crusted scallops on a bed of wilted spinach, or slow-cooked lamb shank in cilantro-black beer sauce. Full review →


Not For Tourists

Peruvian haute cuisine and real Pisco Sours. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

The small-plate selection is awfully tempting, with choices like grilled octopus kebabs with a caper-chimichurri sauce, or prawn-mango-passion-fruit ceviche. Full review →



This stylishly renovated warehouse in the Pearl District is a star in the Portland restaurant scene Full review →



An array of "lovely flavors" "tickle your taste buds" at this Pearl District "destination", where "adventurous" eaters tuck into "delicious, modern" Peruvian fare. Full review →

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