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Condé Nast Traveler

Rabbit is a Piedmont passion, and Stratton's polpetti di coniglio—basically, meatballs made of rabbit—are a novelty. Full review →


Fodor's Tick Choice

With the friendly service and dynamite grappa, amaro, and an Italian-focused wine selection, you likely won't mind paying the price, even if the restaurant is loud and small. Full review →


Frommer's 34

This little hole in the wall on Capitol Hill is the most authentic-feeling Italian restaurant in Seattle. Full review →


Gayot 14.0

Spinasse'€™s lofted ceilings and full-wall windows give it an airy feel. Rustic wood tables and lace curtains add a soft touch. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Behind the rather fussy lace curtains hides what is possibly the finest new restaurant in Seattle. Spinasse specializes in cuisine of the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Full review →


Michelin Guide

Nonhern ltaly's Piedmont region is the inspiration behind Spinasse, whose housemade artisan pasta-including tagliatelle with braised pheasant and huckleberries.


Not For Tourists

Definitely occasion dining, but a meal you won't soon forget. Full review →


The Infatuation 9.2

In Seattle, a big bowl of hot pasta is a basic human right Full review →

Since we willingly choose to live in a place that is gray, moist, and slightly passive aggressive (and with many clouds of gnats), it’s important that you find something on this weird little isthmus that makes you feel like you’re being cuddle-puddled by a dozen hyperactive pomeranians instead of crumbling on the ground and splaying across the pavement in SAD-fueled apathy.

Travel + Leisure

Piedmontese cuisine is the backbone of this rustic, open-kitchen restaurant in Capitol Hill. Full review →



Spinasse has become known around Seattle for luscious, toothsome handmade pastas. Also expect great antipasti and meats, served family style in a warm, comforting space. Full review →



Chef Jason Stratton turns to the Piedmont region for inspiration at his "must-try" Capitol Hill trattoria, where "attentive" servers deliver "delicate, sublime" (and "pricey") pastas. Full review →

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