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Originally just coffee and waffles. Medina eschews the greasy spoon with gourmet toppings and sides, eggy delights and a fabulous fricasse created by next door Chambar's star Belgian chef.



Don't leave without sampling their specialty: Belgian waffles, with toppings like dark chocolate or salted caramel. Full review →


Gayot 13.0

A bustling counter for takeaway coffee and Belgian waffles satisfies those in a rush while easing hunger pangs of patient patrons waiting for tables. Full review →


Lonely Planet

Alternatively, go the savory route: excellent paella and spicy tagines are available while the carnivorous Wolves Breakfast will fill you for a week. Full review →


Rough Guide Tick Star

enu highlights include the salmon fumé (a ciabatta sandwich with eggs and avocado; $12), the lavender latte ($3.60); and the Belgian owner’s waffles ($3.15).


Tasting Table

One of Downtown's top brunch spots, Café Medina is rightly famous for its sweets, like Liège-style waffles and lavender lattes, but the savory is just as swoon worthy. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

Medina recently reopened at this new location with more seating, a spacious bar, and an open kitchen Full review →


Zagat 4.5

“Exotically perfect” Moroccan-inspired dishes and “famed” Belgian waffles draw “long line-ups” to this “bright” daytime cafe, serving “incredibly flavourful” Mediterranean fare. Full review →

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