Phnom Penh Restaurant

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Frommer's 35

A perennial contender for, and occasional recipient of, the Vancouver magazine award for the city's best Asian restaurant. Full review →


Gayot 13.0

Putting out gargantuan quantities of utterly addictive deep-fried chicken wings and marinated butter beef that's seared then splashed with lime juice, fish sauce and fried garlic. Full review →


Lonely Planet

The dishes at this bustling joint are split between Cambodian and Vietnamese soul-food classics. Full review →


Rough Guide

Excellent, cheap Vietnamese and Cambodian cuisine, especially seafood, in a friendly, family-oriented restaurant. Most dishes cost around $9–14.


Tasting Table

Double up on deep-fried chicken wings, shatteringly crisp and served with lemon pepper sauce, and butter beef, a take on carpaccio topped with a lip-smacking sweet-sour-salty sauce. Full review →


Time Out Tick Critics' Choice

Expect constant queues at lunch at the best Cambodian-Vietnamese restaurant in town, and without doubt the best meal you will find in Chinatown. Full review →


Zagat 4.5

“Renowned butter beef”, “fantastic” chicken wings and other “cheap” Cambodian-Vietnamese eats satisfy diners who “need a fix” at this “casual”, family-run kitchen in Chinatown. Full review →

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