Salt Tasting Room

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Keeping it elegantly simple, this kitchen-free concept does combinations of artisanal cheeses, superb cured meats and luscious condiments like mustards, chutneys and rosemary-marinated olives.



Located in a scuzzy back alley in Gastown, Salt Tasting Room is an unlikely destination on Vancouver's culinary map. But this wine bar is a popular spot with local foodies, particularly chefs and kitchen crews.



The restaurant has no kitchen and simply assembles its first-quality provisions that change daily... into artfully composed grazers' delight. Full review →


Frommer's 33

Salt is unique and a wonderful place to get a good, fairly inexpensive meal. Full review →


Gayot 13.0

Wine, cheese, charcuterie, condiments Full review →

Choose three meats or three cheeses and three condiments, plus three wines from the extensive wine list or leave the pairings to Salt’s capable wine-aware staff.

Rough Guide Tick Star

You can choose your own dining adventure at this charcuterie hideout where patrons pick three items from a rotating selection of meat, cheese and “condiments” – such as almonds or cornichons.


Time Out Tick Critics' Choice

Go for pre- or post-dinner drinks and nibbles, or succumb to a big boozy night out. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

This unusual eatery off historic Blood Alley is trendy even for Gastown, with a bare-bones constellation of menu items changed daily and displayed on a giant chalkboard. Full review →


Zagat 4.3

Fans and their “foodie friends” “mix-and-match” “delicious” cheeses and meats “off the chalkboard” with wine, beer and sherry. Full review →

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