Cafe du Parc

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Upstairs café getaway for over-indulged guests from next door neighbor's Willard hotel.


Forbes Travel Guide Tick Recommended

Overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue and offering views of the Capitol portico and Washington Monument, Café du Parc is a welcome respite for weary walkers leaving the National Mall. Full review →


Frommer's 34

The delightful Café du Parc is the Willard Hotel's main restaurant now that the famed Willard Room is used only for private events. Full review →


Gayot 14.0

Cafe du Parc adds an element of sophistication to the downtown DC dining scene. Full review →


Lonely Planet

Du Parc is one of the best bistros in town, a place for French fare devoid of embellishment but ripping in honest, strong flavors and deceptively simple preparation. Full review →


Washington Post Tick Editors' Pick

Savor the tastes of Paris from breakfast until dinner at this bistro next to the Willard Hotel. Full review →


Zagat 3.2

It's "so Parisian" to breakfast en plein air on the "pleasant" terrace at this Downtown French brasserie in the Willard InterContinental or dig into "inventive takes" on the classics. Full review →

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