Eat like Almodovar in Madrid

These 12 are more than bueno.

by Rashmi Chugani

Pedro Almodovar is one of the best directors out there. The Spanish prodigy often dines in some of Madrid’s best restaurants, which we have gathered for you here. As you taste the tapas, paella, and sangria in each of these you might feel like you’re a part of his next feature.

Sergi Arola Gastro 94

Calle Zurbano 31

“A full-evening food extravaganza” that’s decidedly “different from your normal grub” awaits at this “incredibly good” Chamberí Mediterranean.

- Zagat

Bazaar 80

Calle Libertad 21

Right in the heart of the lively, busy Chueca district is an oasis of contemporary creative cooking.

- DK Eyewitness

Lhardy 80

Carrera San Jeronimo 8

This Madrid landmark... is an elegant treasure trove of takeaway gourmet tapas downstairs, while the six upstairs dining areas are the upmarket preserve of traditional Madrid dishes.

- Lonely Planet

Bocaito 81

Calle Libertad 6

Watch the busy staff preparing the food in the kitchen as you munch on delicious tapas.

- Rough Guide

Zalacain 83

C/ Alvarez de Baena, 4

With three Michelin stars, Zalacaín is arguably Madrid’s finest restaurant.

- DK Eyewitness

Viridiana 86

Calle Juan de Mena 14

Viridiana is synonymous with Abraham García and 30 years of excellence and good food.

- Time Out

Casa Lucio 85

Calle Cava Baja 35

When you want to eat nothing that's been deconstructed or otherwise engineered, when you yearn for honest Castilian food in a simple setting, there's nowhere better than Lucio BlÌÁsquez's restaurant near Plaza Mayor.

- Concierge

Ramon Freixa Madrid 85

Calle Claudio Coello 67

“Muy bien” exclaim fans of the “creative, modern” dishes at this “pitch-perfect”, high-end Salamanca Catalan holding just a handful of tables.

- Zagat

Restuarant Botin 88

Calle de los Cuchilleros 17

“Go for” the “succulent” roast pig and other “phenomenal”, “traditional” dishes at this “authentic” Castilian “classic” off Plaza Mayor.

- Zagat

Try any of the light and tasty mousses, foams, and liquid jellies, or indulge in the unique tapas.

- Fodor's

Santceloni 93

Paseo Castellana 57

The Michelin-starred Santceloni is one of Madrid’s best restaurants, with luxury decor that’s the work of star interior designer Pascual Ortega.

- Lonely Planet

La Tasquita de Enfrente 81

Calle Ballesta 6

“Local ingredients” “fresh from the market” drive the menu at this Centro Spanish that earns praise for its “exquisite”, “simple preparations” complemented by “outstanding” wines.

- Zagat

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