Il pagliaccio

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    Ostrica camomilla mela verde e coda di bue
    Photo: Aromicreativi
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    Gambero rosso limone e porro bruciato
    Photo: Aromicreativi
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    Ravioli con midollo rape rosse e lumache
    Photo: Aromicreativi
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    Photo: Aromicreativi
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    Photo: Aromicreativi
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8 expert recommendations



Cutting-edge Italian fusion cuisine has already hooked a crowd of regulars.


DK Eyewitness

Located in a 16th-century building with elegant decor, this top restaurant offers inventive Italian cuisine.


Fodor's Tick Choice

Some of the most innovative interpretations of Roman fine dining can be found in this starkly chic restaurant on a back street between upscale Via Giulia and the popular Campo de' Fiori.... Full review →


Insight Guides

Chef Anthony Genovese’s smart little restaurant has a shortish but inventive menu incorporating international influences. Full review →


Michelin Guide 53

This restaurant is a breath of modernity in the heart of Renaissance Rome. It is constantly on the lookout for new products, creating innovative dishes from traditional favourites. Full review →


Rough Guide

In the two-Michelin-star II Pagliaccio, chef Anthony Genovese has set the standard of creativity high.


Time Out Tick Critics' Choice

A light makeover in 2006 upped the warmth and intimacy factors and did away with those uncomfortable chairs, allowing diners to focus more clearly on the sheer bravura of Genovese's cuisine. Full review →


Zagat 4.3

“Extremely creative” fare highlighting “interesting combinations of flavors” is both “beautifully prepared and delicious” at this white-tablecloth Campo dei Fiori Mediterranean. Full review →

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