The best restaurants in Rome, according to experts

The winners of our Experts' Choice award cover hearty local classics, fresh regional fare and inventive Italian fusion.

by Elana Kreiger-Benson

Our Experts' Choice award honors over 5,000 of the best hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world. Italy is famous for its food, so it’s no surprise that the Eternal City is home to a large number of the winning restaurants.

When in Rome… enjoy hearty local classics, fresh regional fare and inventive Italian fusion with the help of our guide to these Experts’ Choice restaurants by neighborhood. Or, view the full list of our recommendations in Italy’s vibrant — and delicious — capital.

Centro Storico

Via dei Banchi Vecchi 129a, 00186 Rome

Enjoy inventive twists on Italian culinary classics at this elegant, intimate establishment in the heart of the city’s historic district.

Il pagliaccio
Vicolo dei Soldati 31, 00186 Rome

This elegant, family-run restaurant near Piazza Navona offers quintessential Italian specialties and an exceptional wine list.

Il Convivio Troiani
via dei Giubbonari 21-22, 00186 Rome

This deli and wine shop-turned-restaurant is the perfect spot for a quick meal during a busy day of sightseeing.


Trastevere and Gianicolo

Piazzale Aurelio 7, 00152 Rome

Enjoy contemporary Italian cuisine and wine in a chic, rustic atmosphere on the Gianicolo Hill.

Antico Arco
58 Vicolo del Cinque, 00153 Rome

This sleek, foodie favorite specializes in light, contemporary Italian fare.

Glass Hostaria
Piazza della Gensola 15, 06 58332758 Rome

A favorite for its seafood, this hidden gem serves up Sicilian-influenced cuisine in an intimate setting.  

Osteria La Gensola

Vatican City, Borgo, and Prati

Via Alberto Cadlolo 101, Rome Cavalieri, 00136 Rome

Enjoy fresh mediterranean fare and a rooftop garden offering fantastic panoramic views of Vatican City and Rome at the city’s only three-star Michelin establishment.

La Pergola
Via della Meloria 43, 00136 Rome

Brought to you by the “Michelangelo of pizza,” this unassuming hole-in-the-wall joint offers fresh-cooked pizza al taglio (in all its rectangular glory) with a range of fresh, creative toppings.

Pizzarium Bonci
25 Via Luigi Settembrini, 00195 Rome

Enjoy an inventive menu of Sardinian inspired-dishes and Italian-fusion fare surrounded by chic, minimalist ambience.

Settembrini Cafe

Monti, Esquilino, and San Lorenzo

Via di San Vito, 13, 00185 Rome

A cozy trattoria serving up hearty fare in the style of the Marche region, including specialities like hand-made egg pasta and game.

Trattoria Monti
Via Milano 9, Rome

Housed in a remodeled space on a mezzanine of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, this eclectic, airy space serves up Italian haute cuisine.

Open Colonna
Via del Boschetto 73, 00184 Rome

Moved from Orvieto, this popular, reasonably-priced restaurant offers creative cuisine with Umbrian inspiration.

L'Asino d'Oro


Via degli Avignonesi 22, Rome

A family-run, long-standing establishment tucked away in a side street near the Trevi Fountain, specializing in the hearty cuisine of the northern Emilia Romagna region.

Colline Emiliane
Via Frattina, 94, 00187 Rome

A favorite with local youth, this wine bar and restaurant showcases the cuisine of Italy’s Lazio region, offering a range of local products, specialities and wines in a modern space.

Piazza del Popolo1/2, Rome

This buzzing local institution and favorite among Rome’s elite offers high-end Italian classics enjoyed in the polished interior or on the outdoor patio.

Dal Bolognese

Villa Borghese, Veneto, and, Northern Rome

Via Giovanni Antonelli 30/32, 00197 Rome

Chic but unpretentious, this relative newcomer — but instant favorite — to Rome’s restaurant scene offers creative, modern fusion gastronomy.

Metamorfosi Restaurant
Via Panama 2, 00198 Rome

This Italian fine dining favorite serves up innovative, seasonal fare in an elegant wood-paneled space.

Al Ceppo
Piazza Bucarest, 00187 Rome

Enjoy Italian haute cuisine in an elegant historic palace in Villa Borghese with spectacular panoramic views of the city.

Casina Valadier

Ancient Rome

Via del Gesu 88, 00186 Rome

This hole-in-the-wall, family-run Roman eatery and wine bar near many of the city’s famous ancient monuments is the perfect stop during a day of sightseeing.

Enoteca Corsi
Piazza Campitelli 18, 00100 Rome

In the heart of the historic Ghetto neighborhood, this elegant trattoria serves up terrific traditional Roman fare.

Vecchia Roma
Via dei Fienili, 50, Rome

Situated behind the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, stop in for modern roman cuisine, including renowned seafood dishes, amid simple, tasteful decor under original vaulted ceilings.

San Teodoro

Southern Rome

Via di Monte Testaccio, 30, Rome

Dug into Monte Testaccio, an ancient mound of Roman pot sherds, this well-known establishment -- originally opened to take advantage of the nearby slaughterhouses, now long gone -- has been a favorite for its offal since 1887.

Checchino Dal 1887
6 Piazza Trinita dei Monti, c/o Hotel Hassler Roma, Rome

Enjoy gorgeous views of the rooftops of Rome  and modern Italian cuisine in a romantic setting at the top of the Hassler Hotel.

Imago at the Hassler
Via Mastrogiorgio 29, 00153 Rome

A favorite among foodies, this rustic local institution has been serving up traditional Roman fare for almost a century.



Via dei Reti 44/46, 00153 Rome

This cozy trattoria, a favorite among locals, is a great stop for Pugliese and Roman cuisine.

Tram Tram
via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 75 (Galleria Esedra), 00185 Rome

Serving up Sicilian specialities and delicious desserts, this café is perfect for light fare, a quick snack or some treats for your picnic.

Pasticceria Dagnino
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