The 11 best steakhouses in Buenos Aires

Sink your teeth into the best beef in the Argentine capital at these Experts' Choice winning restaurants.

by Maria Milkova

Steak is soul food in Buenos Aires, and it can be difficult to choose from among all of the fabulous parrillas in the metropolis of beef. Here are the 12 winners of our Experts' Choice awards for the best steakhouses in Buenos Aires, from hip, upscale venues to traditional holes in the wall that never go out of style.

Milion 78

Parana 1048

While maintaining its original lavish form, the classic architecture is offset by cutting-edge art displays and projected visuals, bringing the space in line with its new, style-conscious clientele.

- Time Out

La Cabrera Sur 92

Jose Antonio Cabrera 5099

This restaurant has become so well known among tourists visiting Buenos Aires that the owners have also opened another branch up the street for spillover patrons.

- Frommer's

Don Julio 81

Calle Guatemala 4699

Pablo Rivero and his parents built Don Julio into a mainstay by presenting top-quality plates of classic parrilla steak-house fare.

- Travel + Leisure

Cabana Las Lilas 79

Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo, 516

Widely considered the best parrilla in Buenos Aires, the 400-seat Cabaña Las Lilas is always packed.

- Frommer's

El Obrero 78

Calle Agustin Caffarena 64

You'll half expect sawdust on the floor and a saloon fight to break out when you walk into this old-time steak house just off the docks of La Boca.

- Fodor's

La Brigada 77

Calle Estados Unidos 465

This classic San Telmo parrilla will almost certainly lose some of its neighborhood-style charm when it expands to include a much larger space next door.

- Lonely Planet

El Desnivel 76

Calle Defensa 855

Touristy only by virtue of prime San Telmo location, but classic spot at heart, still beloved by locals.

- BlackBook

Rio Alba 74

Calle Cervino 4499

This great high-end parrilla is easy to overlook. Cuts of meat are massive and juicy, from the ojo de bife to the lomo.

- Frommer's

Cafe La Poesia 73

Chile 502

You'd never guess this was the new kid on the block, to look at it or to be settled in at one of its compact, comfy tables.

- Time Out

El Trapiche 72

Paraguay 5099, Palermo

With teardrop-shaped hams hanging from its ceiling, brusque uniformed waiters, and 150-watt dazzle, porteños, El Trapiche is a completely authentic B.A. dining experience.

- concierge.com

Parrilla Pena 72

Calle Rodriguez Pena 682

Tired of rustic chic and overpriced sausages? Then head for this unpretentious downtown steakhouse, which looks like it was designed and decorated during the last half hour of an all-night bender

- Travel + Leisure

There’s nothing too fancy at this traditional corner parrilla – just old-time atmosphere and generous portions of good grilled meats at decent prices.

- Lonely Planet

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